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W-W Livestock Sysems Classic Horse Stalls
 The W-W Classic stall can give horse enthusiasts a world full of choices.
W-W Livestock Systems Classic Horse Stalls - by Little Flint Ranch, Authorized W-W Dealer in Indiana and Illinois.

(click on the image above for a fullsize picture)

You will notice the horizontal tongue and groove pattern of the wooden panels, and understand that W-W has provided the most durable, resistant, and aesthetically appealing combination on the market.

 The Classic is readily available with numerous options including:
horizontal or vertical bars
Dutch doors
feed doors
swing out feeders
The Classic can be ordered in 10' or 12' lengths
and, as always, may be fitted with our Barn Truss System or Arena Design to complete your equine confinement area.

(click on the image above for a fullsize picture)
Horizontal Rail Front

Vertical Rail Front

Horizontal Rail Divider

Vertical Rail Divider

Solid Wood Divider
The Classic Stall
Truss System
(As with all of these W-W stalls accessories, the trusses are sold individually, so that you may add them on as needed.)

 The "Classic" stall below is one that is installed at the Little Flint Ranch.

(click on the image above for a fullsize picture)

 These may also be attached
front-to-front with a center aisle
as shown below.
(click on the image above for a fullsize picture)

You may also expand these "Classic Stalls" later,
just by adding on new stalls to either side of an existing stall.
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