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W-W Livestock Systems Calf Cradle
Recommended for calves up to 450 lbs!
All metal construction
Easily changes from left to right hand operation
Each of the 4 dual dropbars provide ample 16" x 23" opening when disengaged
Dropbars latch with spring aided gravity latches
Metal kickboard is easily removed
Forward movement of the calf locks the headgate in closed position
Weight of the calf counterbalances cradle when in table position
All controls are easily accessible to the operator from one position
Front and side exits
Sturdy pipe base provides maximum stability on uneven terrain
Optional tailgate and calf alley available

54" tall


48" tall

(click on picture for larger view)
It's simply too confining to think of the W-W Calf Cradle as "just another cradle . . ."
. . . it's an investment in safety:
in your safety, as an operator
as well as in the safety of that valuable calf.

This efficient unit has an all new headgate designed after its popular counterpart, the Beefmaster Self-Catch stanchion headgate.
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